Music Lessons

General Information

The Art Center provides students of all ages with the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. Since we opened in 2009 we’ve had a wonderful group of instructors that have provided lessons in piano, guitar, violin and other string instruments. Our instructors are Independent Contractors at the Art Center. Each instructor sets their own lesson hours, student expectations, and communication policies. The role of the Art Center is to provide a safe learning environment for students and instructors.

We have provided the following instructor biographies for you to learn more about our teachers. If you are interested in visiting with one of these instructors, contact the Center  and we’ll put you in touch with them to see if there is a good fit for your student.

All lesson instructors have chosen to follow the school calendar when planning their lesson schedules. New sessions begin each year near the 2nd week in September and will run through the 3rd week in May each year. We traditionally take the summer months off from teaching 1:1 lessons.

Instructor Biographies

Troy Heling — Guitar


Troy has been playing guitar professionally and semi-professionally for over 30 years in various situations, including teaching private lessons, teaching group lessons, playing in various band situations (Top 40, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz Ensembles, Back up Bands, Stage Bands, Pit Orchestras, Praise Bands) as well as solo performances.  He has studied under Mike Savold (harmony and theory), Don Cordes (country, rock guitar), Peter Johnson and Alan Johnston (classical guitar), Robert Roetker (jazz guitar) and Jimmy McFarland (jazz, rock guitar).  He challenges himself to continue to learn and find inspiration in life and help others to do the same.

“The ability to play music is a gift…being able to share it is a joy.”

Curt Wagner – Guitar


I am a self-taught guitar player.  I have played in several worship bands over the past 15 years. My philosophy on how to teach guitar is to teach things you enjoy so you are more likely to practice. As an instructor, I don’t focus on teaching students how to READ music (most guitar players don’t read the music they play) I believe in playing from the heart.  While learning to play songs you enjoy I will teach you basic techniques such as chording, strumming, picking, using scales, and playing using different keys.  My goal for my students is to get them to a point where they have the knowledge and confidence to begin learning on their own and no longer need me to teach them.

Piano – Coming soon!