Featured Artists:


January – Sponsored by David Engberg – Mary Bradley and John Niemi

February – Sponsored by Voyageur Bottle Shop – Andrew Arellano 

March – Sponsored by Froggy’s Bar & Grill – Donna Budzynski and Jennifer Scammahorn

April – Sponsored by MINPACK – Youth in our Schools

May – Sponsored by Sterns Bank – Back in Black & White

June – Sponsored by Sauser’s Hardware – Brock Allen 

July – Sponsored by Pizza Pub – Dell Gross

August – Sponsored by More than Sprouts – Joey Seltzer and Rick Schneider

September – Sponsored by The Garage – Digital Mischief

October – Sponsored by Cabina Caffe – Art Potluck Open Gallery

November – Sponsored by Frechette Farms – Artists in Recovery: Leave the Light On

December – Sponsored by Signatures Closing & Title Inc – Snowflake Gallery Holiday Gifts

* Gallery schedule is subject to change.

Be a Featured Artist:

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or your artistic spirit has recently been awakened, you have an opportunity to have your work featured in a local gallery as the Pine Center for the Arts seeks artists.

The Pine Center for the Arts’ open call for submissions by artists is available below. Artists who have been featured in previous years are welcome to reapply if new work is available for display.

Gallery committee members meet monthly to review applications and select artists who are a good fit for the Art Center. They are seeking artists who are willing to partner with center volunteers to promote the gallery, as well as artists who recognize the value of the Art Center and the positive impact art can provide in our community. It is important that the work displayed is available for sale when it is on display. All sales will be subject to commission retained by the Art Center.