Creating a Brighter Future for the Arts

March 10, 2022 By Art Center Admin

Window, Door and Interior Remodeling Project

Pine Center for the Arts is installing new windows and a door, as well as remodeling the interior. You have an opportunity to help!

The four front windows of Pine Center for the Arts have been a challenge since the Art Center moved into the building in 2009. The windows are not energy efficient and ice-over in the winter, requiring volunteers to constantly run fans to try to keep them clear. And there is a bullet hole in the southernmost window that has been there since before the Art Center took over the building.

This project also gives us the opportunity to replace the aging front door (adding keyless entry) and remove the tattered awning.

The new windows will extend significantly higher than the current ones — to the height of the building’s original windows, nearly to the height of the current awning — and will add visual excitement to Pine City’s downtown. Our new windows will also allow for more natural light in our gallery to highlight local art.

We’re also taking this opportunity to refresh the interior of the gallery with a bit of remodeling and fresh paint and flooring. Our remodel project will help expand our gift shop and improve storage.

All of these improvements will help secure Pine Center for the Arts as a premier art destination in our region!

The work is being done by River City Windows, whose owner, Wayne Gaikowski, lives on Cross Lake. Jay Schueller has been hired to complete the interior work.

Total cost for the entire project: $45,000
Funding Secured:

  • $15,000 from Pine Area Endowment Grant
  • $2,925 from Give MN and other private donations
  • $3,000 from 2022 Brick Donations

We have applied for additional grant funding, but we need your support as well! Please click on the Donate button below and help create a brighter future for the arts in Pine City.

Can’t help financially? We are looking for volunteers to help with demo, painting and cleaning. Please email if you’re interested. 

Thank you for your consideration, and for supporting Pine Center for the Arts!