The Majestic and Mythical featured at April gallery

By on April 2, 2017

The Pine Center for the Arts welcomes Lou Tollefson and Traci Thompson, April’s featured artists. The public is invited to April’s gallery opening, Art After Work, 4-7 p.m. on Friday, April 7. Wine and light appetizers will be served.

Tollefson’s work features primarily portraits of women, while Thompson’s art incorporates animals and birds, which act as stand-ins for human subjects.

Although the subjects of their work may vary, both artists hope their art elicits self-reflection from the viewer.

“I am a portrait painter and although I do often paint a variety of subjects including flora and fauna my pull is towards painting women. Women are both beautiful and majestically emotional creatures. We are often told to hold back our emotions, our passions that stir us and the deeper, often darker beauties that lie and wait within us,” Tollefson said. “I want to share this, and I hope people will engage in both self-reflection and in deeper dialogues with one another that may have not been spoken previous.”

“My art comes primarily from a series of alternate worlds that have always been alive inside my head. These are, as a rule, just a little magical, a little surreal; they are places you’ll recognize, just one step sideways from the reality we know,” Thompson said. “It’s rare that I know the whole story for anything I create: the full tale is up to the viewer to tell. That’s how the art grows in meaning. The moment someone chooses to follow along on the imaginative adventure, the art gains a new dimension it didn’t have when I created it.”

Step in to an alternate and thought-provoking world throughout the month of April at the Pine Center for the Arts.

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