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General Information

The Art Center provides students of all ages with the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument.  Since we opened in 2009 we've had a wonderful group of instructors that have provided lessons in piano, guitar, violin and other string instruments.  Our instructors are Independent Contractors at the Art Center.  Each instructor sets their own lesson hours, student expectations, and communication policies.  The role of the Art Center is to provide a safe learning environment for students and instructors.  We have provided the following instructor biographies for you to learn more about our teachers.  If you are interested in visiting with one of these instructors, contact the Center (email preferred) and we'll put you in touch with them to see if there is a good fit for your student. 


All lesson instructors have chosen to follow the school calendar when planning their lesson schedules. New sessions begin each year near the 2nd week in September and will run through the 3rd week in May each year.  We traditionally take the summer months off from teaching 1:1 lessons.  

Troy Heling -- Guitar Instructor

2015-2016 - Lessons scheduled for Mondays

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Curt Wagner - Guitar Instructor

2015-2016 - Lessons scheduled for Tuesdays 


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Diane Deutschlander -- Piano Instructor

2015-2016 - Lessons scheduled for Wednesdays or Thursdays

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