Heida and Weber focus on human emotion in January gallery

By on January 2, 2017

The Pine Center for the Arts welcomes Angela Heida and Amanda Weber in January. Through different mediums, both women will display work that surveys and honors human emotion. Weber and Heida will be featured at the Pine Center for the Arts throughout January, with an opening reception 4-7 p.m. on January 13.
Heida is a ceramic artist and teacher from Andover who hopes to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of other people through her art.

cmc-heida-1-1“My aim is to share a story through combining ceramic sculptural figures and interesting forms,” Heida said. “These narratives incl
ude a series of work of people selflessly serving others and people whom are imprisoned. Beginning with a sculptural likeness of the subject and creating a variety of relevant objects, I try to engage the viewer to put the pieces of the story together as they investigate the sculpture.”
Inspiration for her art comes from stories that emotionally resonate with Heida. “I am moved when I learn of others who are truly trying to improve the lives of people dealing with the real issues of poverty and great need, and I feel compelled to do something meaningful to acknowledge them.”

amanda-01Weber, a self-taught painter, uses an array of colors and natural elements to create expressive portraits.
“I am fascinated by human emotion and use painting as a way to better understand these expressions and their importance in the human experience,” Weber said of her work.
Weber is a 2013 graduate of Century College with an AAS in Visual Communications-Graphic Design.

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