Awake, Arise and Spring forth: A Gathering of Painted Botanicals, Their Flowers and Fruit

By on February 27, 2017

A Solo Art Exhibit by Kristin Webster

My art career began outdoors in the creek bed sculpting castles, in the road popping tar bubbles, and in the leaves making forts.  My mom might beg to differ however, in her eyes it started with the diaper cream, baking soda, and Vaseline. No matter how you look at it, I definitely needed to be a part of my materials, to feel them, and express myself with them.

I was a shy child with a great imagination.  I loved to sit and think.  My mentors were dreams that I had while awake and asleep, and an elementary art teacher that saw potential in me.  As I grew, I found that I felt most at home when I was in nature, creating, or teaching others.  I went to Miami University in Ohio and earned my B.S. degree in Art Education.  Over the past 25 years, I have taught art  to pre-school, elementary, junior high, high school, and adult age students, while continuing to paint myself.  Some of that teaching occurred in school settings, while many were with small group lessons in our home studio or outdoors.

With my personal work I have continuously found myself drawn back to nature. From the time I was young, I followed my mom around the yard looking at and watering the plants and flowers.  I love digging in the soil, observing nature; from the tiny seed that is planted to the first sprouts and the ripening of the fully developed vegetable, fruit, or flower.  When I think of this I am drawn to the simplicity and routine in life. I feel peaceful, content, and as if I am a part of something bigger.  I feel connected to generations of people that have gone before me.  Plants, vegetables, and fruit have healing powers; they nourish, and strengthen us and without them we would perish.

I paint flowers, plants, produce, and garden scenes because they help me feel renewed, refreshed, and restored.  They offer healing, stress-relief and a sense of belonging.  They invigorate my mind and body.  Painting has become a prayer for me that praises the numerous gifts that surround us: sight, smell, touch, feelings, nature, life, personal growth, and our journey together. Through the medium of painting, I celebrate creation, not by mimicking it exactly but by being inspired by it and by honoring the creative gifts I’ve been given.  Painting is a lot of work and struggle, along with joy, and resolutions.  There is constantly a creative problem- solving and intuitive effort involved.  The best kind of art comes bubbling up from deep inside us.  It is a process of discovery and growth where often conclusions surprise us.  It is a dance with what we know, what we feel, and what we see; thus, I am sharing a piece of myself through my artwork.  My ultimate desire is to honor the Master Creator and point others to Him.  I love how J.S. Bach signed his work, “Soli DeoGloria”, which means “To God alone be the glory.”

Please come, renew, refresh, and restore yourself on March 10 from 4-7 pm at the Pine Center for the Arts, accompanied by fellow art and plant lovers and surrounded by depictions of botanicals, their flowers and fruit.


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