Artists’ visions brought to life though texture and depth

By on June 21, 2017

Art rich in texture and significance will be featured at Pine Center for the Arts this July. Shirl Chouinard and Jeff Ambroz share their art and stories through various medium, providing a fresh experience to Pine City art lovers.

Chouinard incorporates cloth and textiles in her art. “Humans are the only species entirely dependent upon, and deeply intertwined, with cloth,” Chouinard said.

“For me, it is extremely important to find inspiration by directly employing either the medium or the processes of the material to amplify my concepts. My relationship to textiles is deeply personal, as it has offered me a stimulating and fertile medium for the abstraction of thoughts and feelings,” Chouinard said.

While Ambroz’s art consists of two-dimension paintings with additional elements to provide depth. “My work begins by applying primarily acrylic paints to lightweight, semi-transparent papers (most often tissue). Working in a gestural, action style, I apply the paint to the paper with brushes, sticks, cards, printmaking tools and other items. Next, I rip and cut the painted and printed papers and apply them to canvases, most often working to the edges and applying them in layers. The papers are applied to the receiving surfaces with a clear acrylic medium,” Ambroz said. “Because the papers are semi-transparent, layers of paint strokes form as the papers are layered, creating depth and visual interest. This process also allows me to choose specific paint strokes to apply to the surface and create highly complex compositions.”

His technique is as much of his message as his paintings. “Learning about my process provides and an opportunity to explore how an individual chooses what to present to the world, and in what amount,” Ambroz said. “Conversely, my work also opens conversations about what we hide from the world; and to what degree.”

The July gallery will open on Friday, July 14 at the Pine Center for the Arts.  A special ‘Art After Work’ reception will be held from 4-7 p.m. in the gallery space at 265 5th Street SE.  The public is invited for this free event to drop by for wine and light appetizers and an opportunity to meet the artists.

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